CEOs’ Best Career Advice

CEOs’ Best Career Advice
By Laura Morsch

They’ve reached the upper echelons of the corporate ladder, but you can bet they didn’t get there alone. Throughout their years in business school, their early professional days or as they prepared to start their own businesses, most CEOs relied on mentors to dish out good professional advice.

We asked CEOs to repeat some of the best gems they’ve heard and used throughout their careers. Here are their responses:

“Flexible people never get bent out of shape.”
— Joshua Estrin, president and CEO of Concepts in Success

“Find an area of confusion and figure it out.”
— Amy James, CEO of sixThings

“Make other people’s money work for you.”
— Corey Llewellyn, CEO of Digiwaxx Media

“Always be in over your head. That way, you’re always learning something and you never get bored. Floating is overrated.”
— Gini Dietrich, President and CEO of Arment Dietrich PR

“Don’t get angry, get smart.”
— Vicki Kunkel, CEO, Leader Brand Strategists

“Find out what you’re good at and learn how to leverage that to your advantage.”
— Stephen Blakesley, CEO of Global Management Systems, Inc.

“Find your passion and then make a living doing it.”
— Ann Higgins, CEO of Utopia Communications

“Your job as a leader is to change the people, and if you can’t change the people, then CHANGE the people.”
— Jeff Kaye, CEO of Kaye Bassman International

“It’s better to be poor and running your own business than to be rich and work for someone else.”
— Calvin Ayre, CEO of

“Perseverance. Stick with it and keep a positive attitude. Starting a company is definitely a challenging process, and you have to be able to believe in yourself and believe in the concept, day after day.”
— Scott Sanders, owner and CEO of F1 Race Factory



  1. Let’s add a warning against a likely pitfall for wannebe CEO’s: that of becoming a Mephisto (= once you’ve reached the top, you will suddenly realize you’ve been selling your soul to the devil,somewhere along the way).

  2. Nice thought Colson, thanks for the advice. Btw, who are you and how did you know about this blog? Nice to know you 🙂

  3. halo tuan rumah numpang nimbrung ya 😀

    gue suka quotations and wise words kaya gini. thanks udah posting quotation segini banyak nasihat CEO dunia. ijin copas ke file pribadi ya thanks 😀

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