Indonesia Will Be The Next Giant?

Indonesia Forum consisting of Government Officials, business people and academics has presented president SBY and this country with a document called, “Indonesian Vision 2030.” This is probably the first most ambitious economic plan after the crisis economy that occured in late 1997. Indonesia Forum said that by 2030 Indonesia would be one of the world’s major economic powers after China, India, the United States and the European Union. It sets a target of reaching a per capita gross domestic product of $18,000 and economic growth of 7.26% annually with an annual inflation rate of 5% and a population growth rate of 1.1%

By the year 2030, Indonesia’s population would reach 285 million, with a gross domestic product of $5.1 trillion, the Indonesia Forum predicted. The group also set a target of having at least 30 Indonesian companies among the 500 world-class companies listed each year by Fortune magazine.

The group said the goals could be achieved only if Indonesia took the necessary steps, including integrating the country’s economy with the world market, implementing good governance principles and constructing adequate infrastructure. They also proposed a “synergy” between labor, government and the business sector to improve the country’s competitiveness in the global environment.

Above information was taken from And what a WOW! Am I dreaming or what? Indonesia to be the fifth largest economic power in the world. I can’t believe it. But I surely know that sounds like cool, don’t you think so? I wonder do those people who made that plan actually live in Jakarta? Don’t they see “gembel” and “pengamen” on their way home to their big and expensive houses in their fancy cars?

Mmmh.. But the plan is definitely so tempting.

Our president (Let’s Save this guy, for people’s sake) SBY responded Indonesia Forum by saying that there was nothing wrong with dreaming. Hell yeah, I completely agree with him. This country surely does have a disease and that is “Fear-to-Dream Disease.”

I’d say there is nothing wrong with this plan although Economist H.S. Dillon critized the plan saying that the plan was just too damn ambitious. He added that Indonesia must pay attention to countries like Russia and Brazil that are catching up in the global market. So, what do you know about my country you white man!

This is my country you’re talking about! And damn right we want a bit of shares of this stupid thing called globalization! Don’t start playing with those numbers you have from IMF or The World Bank. I know that based on a report by Price Waterhouse Coopers Indonesia is predicted to have GDP as much as $23,683 in 2050, still behind countries like China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Turkey but ahead of India. (

I’m mad and pissed, and so should everyone of you be!

I’m an Indonesian and hell right I’m so fuc***g tired with this condition. See around you: poverty, not enough education facilities, no food to eat, not to mention this country’s corrupted officials and other messed up condition. What the heck is wrong if we are dreaming?

Some reasons why we should be the next giant:

  1. Great natural resources (I don’t think I should tell you more about this)
  2. Big Population! As China and India have proven, big population means low-cost-production system and large business market.
  3. Smart people. Well, this one is not really a valid information since I kinda made it up. Bu I do have a big confidence that this country has a lot of smart young people that this country can depend on. This generation is just not well taken care of and it is supposed to be government’s duty to do so.

Anyway, even if the plan sounds too good to be true I think it’s worth a try! So, Mr. President please continue what you think is good because I’m here saving you. Let’s Save SBY!

by guebukanmonyet


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  1. So sorry, it’s an ‘old’ article, but i am still very tempted to discuss on. I am sure, there’s a lite in the end of this dark tunnel, and i agree, now what we need is DREAMS , instead of pessimism, SILENT and WORK, instead of nagging all the time (like our TVs show us). Twenty Three years is enuff for us to surpass Malaysia, at least in GDP, and PDP.

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