Rano Karno: Our Next Vice Governor?

Rano Karno, also known as “Si Doel Anak Sekolahan,” is preparing himself to join the battle field of the next Jakarta-governor election. Although he is not competing for the Governor position but still his effort for the vice position is interesting to watch. Rano Karno’s candidacy is backed by PKB and he has received a full bless from Gus Dur as the spiritual leader. Although PKB is still not sure whether they are going to have Rano Karno coupled with Sarwono Kusumaatmadja or Agum Gumelar but it seems that they are certain that Rano Karno is the one for the vice governor candidate.

But, could actually Rano Karno make a good Vice Governor if he were elected? A lot of people are not really sure if he could be a good vice governor for Jakarta, he’s an actor after all. What does he know about politics and ruling a big city?

But, since this country is so tired with its messed-up politicians I guess people can accept a leader from the movie industry. I mean why not? If Arnold Schwarzenegger “The Terminator” could do it and so can Rano Karno. As people in California wanted a change, people in Jakarta are looking foward to seeing a big change: something that politicians can only promise. And although I’m not even sure if Rano Karno is really a Betawi person but it is not a doubt that Rano Karno’s character in old tv serie of “Si Doel Anak Sekolahan” grabbed attention of Jakarta people’s hearts.

The kind of a man’s character that Doel has is definitely what people of this city have been long wanting. They are desperate to have a leader that way! Let’s not talk about Rano Karno, but it’s Doel I’m talking about: Just an ordinary man from kampung in Betawi with an honest personality, and a family-oriented touch. That is the kind of leader that this city needs or at least wants. Not a big shot with a great-speaking ability who can make everything seem so easy.

Well, whoever gets elected I just hope that he or she can give us a Cultural Revolution for this city. We need it!

by guebukanmonyet


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