Don’t You Realize?

Riri Riza, a young-Indonesian director, has once again made his name in the news after he premiered his new movie called “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya” in Hongkong Film Festival. And I’m not really sure whether he can’t find another good actor or what but once again he has used Nicholas Saputra as the leading actor for his new movie. Again?

And after the premiere of the movie in Hongkong, Riri Riza and Nicholas Saputra made a public announcement of their disappointment due to the censorship that LSF (Lembaga Sensor Film) made to the movie for Indonesian audience. It was reported by that LSF made 8 cuts to “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya” for its sexual content. Nicholas Saputra complained saying the censorhip made by LSF was rough and instead of cutting only the sexual content of the movie LSF also cut some important dialogues and songs in the movie. He said if the cuts had been made by the director then the result would have been much better.

My question to the director: If you actually had known that LSF was a bit strict in censoring movies in Indonesia then why would you have put some sexual content in the movie resulting a rough censorship from LSF? Or maybe you just did not know it?

I am not against Indonesian movie makers, especially those young movie people who have been shaping our movie industry quite dramatically over these past 5 or more years. It is not a doubt that their presence is giving our movie audience a second choice to watch some good-local movies instead of just Hollywood movies. But what I’m against of is their left-cultural ideology that they are bringing within their movies to our Indonesian young people.

The left-cultural ideology that I’m talking about is the kind of cultural ideology that is so much influenced by the west culture. One of the reasons why the West culture is so much entitled by these young movie people is perhaps because they are part of MTV Generation where freedom of speech is preached and American pop-culture is a big deal.

It is the movies like “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” also known as AADC that tell Indonesian young people that kissing your boyfriends or girlfriends is normal that hey that’s love. It is movies like “Jomblo” that give an idea to Indonesian young people or even kids that having sex with your boyfriends or girlfriends is cool, or worse it is normal. Because you love them. Indonesian movie makers might defend their action saying that it is the function that the movie theatres have to perform to justify which movies are suitable or not for under-aged audience. But I believe movie makers know, as they go to theatres too, that such function is not implemented well (or not at all?) by movie theatres in Indonesia where they allow any movie watchers to go in and see any movies regardless their contents. Even if such function were actually perfomed by movie theatres, movie makers still had to realize that this is a messed up country they are living in where finding pirated DVDs is as easy as to bribe street police officers.

I am sure that those Indonesian movie people understand how movies are powerful medias in delivering ideologies. For many young people movies have even a bigger influence in their lives than holy Koran or Bible. That is the truth. That is why Indonesian movie makers should be more careful not to make movies which could give negative impacts to our young generation, their movies should deliver positive-cultural values that fit our eastern and religious culture. We are a big nation and we must be proud of our Indonesian values. But being proud is different from being an arrogant one, being a proud nation means that we are willing to embrace new values that occur in this world and mix them together with our culture without corrupting its essences.

I love movies and although I’m not a big fan of Indonesian movies myself I support the efforts of our young movie makers in giving more choices to our audience. My question is: Don’t you realize that you are making movies that demoralize our young generation?

Well, I guess one thing for sure is that if those movie makers were Americans they would definitely be Democrats. 🙂

by guebukanmonyet



  1. Wow.. to be honest with u, this article is very interesting.. good job..

    I disagree if indonesian movies has to take the blame by itself. However, I do agree with what u said about indonesian movies have something to do with our changing values. As we all can see, d young generation now -or i should say teenagers- are so much different when i was still one of them.. There are some major shifting values happen..Elementary School students behave like Junior High students, Junior High students behave like High School students, etc. Nowadays, teens age starts earlier than what we had before.. which is kind of scary for me.. and i think the major cause of all of these shifting values is the media, such as tv or magz.. and yeah of course movies are part of it.

    I saw the movie “Jomblo” on DVD last summer, and I was kind of surprised at first. They brought a lot of sexual thingy on scene and made it as if it is a common thing for Indonesian to do that. That is so wrong. Or maybe is it just me who is being naive..??

    Westernize (me n my friends usually say it Americanize) is everywhere. It is spreading all over the world. And it is crazy. Well, there are a lot of things that is good from westernization, but this sexual thingy is the worst one. So, my point in here is.. I do agree with this article.

    Well, I think I said enough.. hehehe.. take care guys~

  2. Thanks Sab for your comment. Of course we can’t put all the blame on movies. But as I mentioned, movies are powerful medias especially among young people. Movies have been long known as the medias of expression and modernization. I’m not against of movies at all, I’m a movie fan myself but I’m just concerned about the values that those movies are bringing.

    Like you said, actually it’s not only a problem that we have in Indonesia but all over the world. This is World War Four we are having: The war on ideologies and cultural influences. The war of The West against The East. The war of The Modern vs The Traditional. The War of David against Goliath.

    I’m not a fan of Osama Bin Laden but he has a good point of showing why Muslim countries hate America so much, “We may be poor and oppressed but we would rather be poor and oppressed than become countries like America with its decaying moral values.”

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  4. hi
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